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NSTA is a private member club.  But we of course participate and support regional events!  You will find links to events and happenings in the Lakeland area here.


If you wish to join as a member for NSTA events please contact us.


Your Tuesday Canoe & Camp; Kayak Committee provides a regular weekly series of two-to- four hour paddling adventures, each tour of which is comfortable for the majority of our members. Within our weekly schedule, we strive to balance easy- versus moderate-exertion tours, lake versus

river tours, shuttle versus out-and- back tours, and picnic lunches versus restaurant meals.


Of course, we will continue our popular Full Moon events, which this year will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evening, August 17 and 18.


In addition to our regular schedule, your Committee promotes the Safety Education Program. This Program is based on the American Canoe Association guidelines and procedures and is published along with our weekly schedule on the NSTA website.


New for this year, the Safety Education Program announces the award of four scholarships for NSTA members to attend Nicolet College’s Kayak Strokes, Safety and Rescue course on Saturday, June 25.


A new event for this year is a Colorama Tour in late September or early October.


Over the years as NSTA’s membership has grown from a handful of cross country ski enthusiasts to well over 100 active members today, group activities have expanded to include additional interests such as biking.


NSTA has an organized weekly recreational bike outing that takes place on Wednesdays with each week’s ride in a different location.  The ride begins at 10:00 a.m. and concludes at noon, either with a BYO picnic lunch or occasionally at a restaurant selected in advance.  A weekly schedule is planned and distributed prior to the start of the biking season by a committee of volunteers who also share in hosting each weekly ride.  The weekly rides are open to all NSTA members and, except for a few special events, may include guests, provided a liability waiver is signed in advance and given to the weekly hosts prior to the ride.  For safety reasons, no one is allowed to ride without a bike helmet.


In addition to the weekly rides, a separate committee plans an annual three-day overnight bike trip which takes place in September, usually the week of Labor Day.  Arrival at the chosen destination for the bike trip is on the Tuesday immediately after Labor Day with conclusion on Friday of that week.  The selected destination normally is within a four hour drive, and NSTA members drive themselves or carpool. 


Lodging is prearranged at a central hotel.  Some members may choose to camp if there is a campground nearby.  There are two prearranged dinners, usually on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday evening on your own.  Announcements with details about the annual trip are made available beginning in spring or early summer.  Sign-up by a predetermined deadline in advance of the trip is required.  All NSTA members are welcome to participate.  Due to the large group we usually have, guests are not permitted on this trip.


In keeping w/ the stated purpose of the Northwoods Ski Touring Association, the advancement & enjoyment of cross-country skiing is the cornerstone of our winter activity.  We cross-country ski every Friday after New Year's Day on the groomed trails of Camp Manito-wish, in Boulder Junction, commencing at 10am.  Skiing is followed by lunch at a local restaurant.  Guests and prospective members are  welcome to join us in either or both activities.


Every Sunday after New Year's, we meet to ski, starting at 2PM.  Each year, a committee of members plans a schedule that gives us an opportunity to cross-country ski on a wide variety of the northwoods' most beautiful and diverse trails.  Sunday skiing is followed by a social hour and then dinner, either at a local restaurant or community center.  Community center dinners are potlucks and some of our most popular events



Expanding on our skiing activities in the winter and our biking and kayaking activities in the summer, NSTA sponsors a Spring and a Fall hike for its members in interesting locations within an hour's drive for most members.


The Spring hike tends to bring alive the rebirth of the Northwoods and gathers our members for a fun day outdoors between ski season and summer sports. It is usually held in late May- early June when wild flowers are in abundance.


The Fall hike shows off a color explosion that is breath taking. Late September is usually the best time to catch peak colors.


Many of the hikes include lakes, mountains, vistas and waterfalls and include a packed picnic lunch.


Please return to this site after Easter to find out where this year's Spring Hike will be. All the specifics will be given. See you there!!

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