About NSTA

Our cross country ski outings have been a tradition with our club ever since its origin.  When we use the trails at Camp Manitowish we are on the very property that inspired the creation of the NSTA.

About us

“The purpose of the Association shall be for the advancement and enjoyment of cross country skiing”.  

However, we also enjoy the silent sports of hiking, biking, alpine skiing and paddling on both lakes and streams.  NSTA is a fun group.  We promote exercise, safety, socializing and food!" 

Some history

Back in the mid 1970’s Steve Burr was the manager of Camp Manitowish.  He and manager Steve Mass from the North American Canoe Base of the Boy Scouts of America got together and sponsored a series of small meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to see if there was any interest in developing a winter program at Camp Manitowish.  There were several very active cross country skiers from the area who attended the meetings which were held at meeting rooms at Camp Manitowish, the Bear Bar in Winchester and also at the Moraine Springs ski facility near Presque Isle.


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President's Welcome


Hello and welcome to the website of the Northwoods Ski Touring Association (NSTA). My name is Kathy Curtis, Club president for 2021-2022.


My husband Jack and I have been NSTA members since 2013.  When we moved to Presque Isle permanently in 2014 our friends “down south” said, “What will you do?!?”  I now tell them that the best kept secret is that there are a wealth of activities and friendships to be had, not least of which are those available in NSTA.


We began as a Sunday cross country ski club over thirty years ago, but now have planned activities throughout the entire year. Those include weekly cross country ski/snowshoe outings, alpine skiing, biking, and kayaking/canoeing in season. We also have annual spring and fall hikes. Most of these activities are followed by either a picnic, pot luck meal, or a gathering at a Northwoods restaurant. For many members, the highlight of our club activities center on three overnight adventures held each year; cross country skiing, biking, and kayaking/canoeing.
We are a volunteer organization and rely on our members to chair and co-chair our various committees that plan these weekly and annual events. For a list of our board members and activity chairs for this year, please select the “Leadership Contact Link.”


This year will be another challenging year as we navigate through Covid-19 and its variants.  Many of our activities were cancelled last year but members kept active and in touch.  This year we will plan all of our outdoor activities as usual.  The ever popular pot lucks and other social gatherings will be scheduled but may need to be put “on hold” depending on current circumstances.


If your interests include cross country skiing and other silent sports, NSTA has much to offer.  For those seeking membership in NSTA, our Constitution and By-laws require that new members participate in cross country skiing and have a sponsor.  Please contact me if assistance with sponsorship is needed.


Welcome to the Northwoods Ski Touring Association